Direct Fulfillment Christmas Period Dates

10 December 2017

The holiday season is here. Yes, already! Here are the Direct Fulfillment and Fotomerchant Support dates that you need to know to ensure that your customers receive their orders before everyone closes their door for the year.
Please keep in mind that the courier and postal systems are under a lot of stress in the coming month, so consider promoting courier shipping options to your customers. For Australian Fotomerchant users, Australia Post is not the most reliable option, please make sure that you allow for up to 10 business days for orders to be delivered. These dates are subject to courier and postal service delivery schedules which are outside of our control.
 Imaging lab will be closed Friday, December 22, 2017, at 12 pm and re-open Monday, January 8, 2018, at 8:30 am.
The following dates are to be used as guides for ordering specific products & services. Orders must be received by 12 pm (midday) AEST on the day listed.
Thursday, December 7: Bolted Face Acrylics, Floating Face Acrylics
Wednesday, December 13: Fine Art Prints, Canvas Prints, 2″ Gallery Wraps, 2″ Stretched Wraps, 3mm Craftwood, 5mm Craftwood, 10mm Craftwood, 10mm Foamboard, 20mm Foamboard, Large flat mould (Black), Small flat mould (Black), Medium stained mould (Walnut), Medium flat mould (Walnut), Medium flat mould (White) and Medium flat mould (Black).
Friday, December 15: Metallic Prints
Wednesday, December 20: Lustre Prints
Thursday, December 14: Any and all orders where shipping is provided by Australia Post Standard for pre-Christmas delivery. For any shipments after this date, we strongly suggest you choose a courier shipping option for orders.
The imaging lab will continue to accept Fotomerchant submitted orders during the holiday season and will start reprinting on a first come, first serve basis once the lab re-opens.