Direct Fulfillment Processing Times

Production Times

Print Products

Lustre Print are generally printed on the same day the order is received. If the order is received by 10am then the processing will be complete by 5pm the same day.
Metallic Print are only printed on Fridays. So orders that contain any Metallic prints will be held until these are completed.
Fine Art Prints are processed in 3 working days.

Larger Products

Canvas Prints (no framing) - 5 working days.

Mounting - 5 to 7 working days + print time (usually be 1 to 2 days)
Framing - 10 working days plus the print time
Acrylic Mounts - Officially this is a ten day turn around but as metallic printing is only actioned on Fridays this can stretch to almost three weeks if an order comes in on a Monday.